DIY Laundry Hamper

My kids are slobs... They really are but I also can fully admit that I was not a tidy child by any means. Knowing that things need to be fun for any kid to want to participate in something, I needed to make a way for them to enjoy organizing. Behold the DIY laundry hamper!…

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DIY or Hire a Contractor

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A decision that you need to make as a homeowner is when is a good time to DIY or hire a contractor? I grew up with a dad as a carpenter so there were fewer times that I saw contractors come into our home. That being said, my dad had respect for all trades and…

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DIY Front Entranceway

My hubby and I bought an old brink home in 2014. We love the style, the age and especially the cozy feel. Immediately I could see all of the potentials in the home, including an amazing DIY front entranceway that I could envision! I was so excited to be moving into my new home, however,…

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