Typically, the laundry room gets little attention.  I don’t spend a ton of time in my laundry room but I still want it to be a space that I enjoy being in.

My space is upstairs and I wouldn’t really call it a room, it is more a closet with my washer and dryer in it…

That said, I was able to turn it into a gorgeous area that I now enjoy folding clothes in.

My DIY for this space started with taking it apart.  I added wallpaper, shelving, new lighting, and baskets.

Now, I actually like this area and don’t hate doing laundry as much as I used to.




DIY Laundry Hamper

My kids are slobs... They really are but I also can fully admit that I was not a tidy child by any means. Knowing that things need to be fun for any kid to want to participate in something, I needed to make a way for them to enjoy organizing. Behold the DIY laundry hamper!…

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