I live in Canada and that means seasons.  I love being outdoor.  I work from home so I can stay outside literally all day.

I feel so blessed that I can spend as much time outside as I do.  I worked full time indoors for years and honestly, I was not happy.

I need the outdoor sunshine, the beauty, nature, animals, fire pits, I need it all in my life.

Our home gets a lot of DIY work done outside for the simple fact that is the space that I enjoy the most.

I have built flowerbeds, gardens, walkways, fire pits, fences, and gates.  There are countless DIY projects that you can do while enjoying the sunshine.

Backyard Renovation

It has been a few weeks since I wrote anything. Largely due to the pandemic. At first, I had to figure out how to stretch my time to add in homeschooling. I also had to get used to my hubby being home all the time. Admittedly, like many, I felt a bit lost. I decided…

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How To Build An Outdoor Sectional

If I can be outside, I am! I am always telling my hubby that I was born in the wrong country because I love the heat so much. This summer I built an outdoor firepit that is gorgeous but we had nowhere to sit to enjoy it. Which lead me to figure out how to…

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