How to build a Hood Range Cover

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I admit that I didn’t think I would have the skill to be able to pull this DIY hood range cover off.

As always I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw so many beautiful ideas for hood range cover that people were building. Of course…. it started to feel like a challenge and so I decided that I had to try.

I narrowed down a few styles that I liked but I was still a bit reluctant that I could actually make something that looked nice AND would last.

DIY kitchen reno
Organized Chaos? This is what my lonely hood range looked like before…

In the end, I conquered my insecurities and pounding out this beauty in 2 days.

The cuts and putting it together didn’t take too long.  It was the wood conditioning, staining and sealing that took the longest.

Everyone that comes over comments on how much they love it!

I still think it is my favorite piece in the kitchen because it just pulls it all together and makes it look so grand.

After Pic of kitchen reno and diy hoodfan

Plus….  I made the whole thing out of one sheet of plywood and one 1×6 pine board.  That is super affordable!

I’m a fan of the modern farmhouse type look and with my olddddd house it suits well.  I decided to use black screws so that the black head would show and give some character.

With so many drywall screws left that I used them but not sure if that is ideal or not.  They are holding perfectly well so far!

Tools you will needs for this project:

  • Drill
  • Nails
  • Skillsaw
  • Mitresaw (could use skillsaw)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil (I used my kids coloring pencils…lol)
  • Small level

As I always say, I am not an expert in carpentry.  I see something that I like, I’ve got some skills and I have a load of patience.

I really love being able to stand back once I have fully completed a project and think to myself, I did that!

How to start your DIY hood range?

So, I started with measuring the hood fan.  I have this old white hood range and I wanted to cover it so it wouldn’t show.

how to build a hood fan cover, step 1

Once I had the measurements of the 2 sides and the front of the fan I decided that is where I would use the pine board.  I am a huge fan of using left over materials when I can.

So, I made 3 simple cuts of pine using my Mitre Saw.  I like the Mitre Saw for small cuts because it is so easy and clean.

I went ahead and screwed all three pieces together and could already see it come together.  The 6 inch board was the perfect width to cover the fan. If you need smaller you can always go with a 1×4 board but I think the extra thickness really gives it that grand look.

My house has 10 foot ceilings so we have big baseboards, big crown molding and so the wider 6 inch just makes sense but I honestly think it would look good in any home.

How to make the side panels for your hood range?

Once I had that main frame piece, I grabbed a 2×1 and cut two small 14 inch pieces.  I screwed these pieces right into the wall on an angle. You see that these will hold the side panels.  If you want a shorter or taller look than you will want to adjust the height of the 2×1’s. They do not need to be perfect.  No one is going to see them, just makes sure the angle is what you want.

Side pieces for diy hoodfan

How to attach your DIY hood range cover pieces?

 I used my drywall screws that I had on hand and screwed the side panel in the 2×1 pieces that I had attached to the wall.  I did this on both sides. Because I already had the bottom frame part on, the side panels rested nicely on that while I cut the last piece.

One thing that you will notice is that I create piece by piece when I work on my projects.  I’ve made a lot of expensive mistakes, which is par the course, that I now try harder to avoid.

If I cut each piece one at a time, I waste wayyyy less.  lol… I also swear wayyyy less… lol

side panel for how to build a hood fan

How to cut and attach the front of your DIY hood range cover?

This was the easiest cut for me.  I measured the top of the 2 side panels (make sure you measure to the outside edge or you will be too short) and the bottom of the side panels to get the side of front piece that I would need.

completed DIY hood-fan

Once I had that, I used the skill saw to make the cuts.

You absolutely can make a straight cut with a skill saw.  I always remind my dad of that because he always told me it cannot be done.

What I do, is line up a straight board or even a large ruler along the side that I want to cut.  I run the skillsaw done the side of the board I have laid on top. Works every time!

The most important part is that you really like the angle that you created.  I adjusted mine once, which means that I actually removed the 2×2 boards on the wall and re positioned them to get the angle that I liked.

I really love the look that the black screws give the hoodfan!  

Sanding your DIY hoodfan. Use an Orbital Sander

You need to sand this piece so that it looks sleek and doesn’t have any loose pieces sticking out.  I used my palm sander and 80 grit sandpaper.

side view of do it yourself how to build a hood fan cover

I didn’t worry about going down to a finer paper since I felt that the 80 did the job but you could go finer for sure if you want a really smooth look.  

If I were to do it again, I would sand each piece before I put it up…  I should have known better and honestly, I kinda did but I really wanted to get it up.

So, I was left sanding the whole thing while on the wall and mounted…  not ideal…

I like the look of plywood sanded so that is why I used it, plus, I had a piece laying around.  You could use whatever would you wanted I assume and it wold look just fine.

When I first started out, I followed lots of tutorials and I felt the most comfortable following them exactly.  If that is you, you can find the exact tools that I used here:

Note: Just click on the picture to see all the details on each item!





Measuring tape:


How to stain your hoodfan?

I use Red Oak by Minwax for the stain on a lot of things in my house.  It is a redish/brown that looks rich once dry.  

You want to condition your wood first.  Don’t skip this step, especially when using pine.  The pine wood absorbs a tone of stain if you don’t first condition your wood.

Conditioning the wood also makes sure that the stain will get absorbed evenly.  I’ve made the mistake of skipping this step and ended up redoing that project…

A good wood conditioner is by Minwax as well.  It is always reliable.  

After pic of diy hood range

I only did one coat of stain.  I find even if they tell you to use more, go with what you like.  Sometimes adding more can make it look darker than what you were hoping for.  I have to say that I don’t have that with Minwax which is why I stick with them.

After the conditioner and stain you can put on a coat of polyurethane.  You can decide if you want to go with semi gloss or gloss here but I like the natural look with a slight shine so I usually go with the semi gloss.

If you are not sure, go with semi, you can always add a coat of gloss after if you don’t like it.

If you decide to give it a try, let me know. I would love to see a pic of what you create!

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How to build a Hood Range Cover

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