How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

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We moved into our current house in 2014. I cannot believe it has been that long already. The backyard was already very nice but I found it lacked a few things that my family loves. Mostly, being able to roast marshmallows! To make that happen we had to figure out how to build an outdoor fire pit.

How to build an outdoor firepit

I absolutely love the warmth that having the fire pit brings. Even on the cooler days, it is great to just grab a book and a blanket and curl up near it.

Growing up on a farm I have great memories of spending time around the fire with marshmallows. A time where my family would relax and come together. Living on a farm it seems everyone was always doing something.

Benefits of Having An Outdoor Firepit in Your Backyard

The benefits of having an outdoor firepit area probably seem self-explanatory but for our family, it provided more than I was originally expecting.

Family Time

I knew that a firepit would give us more time together but I didn’t realize the quantity of time that it would provide. Not just for my kids and their marshmallows…

My hubby and I are drawn to going out after supper, coffee in hand and starting the fire. We will sit for hours while the kids roast marshmallows and play on the trampoline or in their tree fort.


The fire provides so much more light than I expected. It is amazing! I am able to stay out in the late evening and work on the backyard clean up and have enough light to see everything.

My kids love to play outside even in the evening so the light helps as they aren’t tripping over things and hurting themselves.

fire pit outdoors


I love the idea of cooking in the outdoor fire pit area. As I am writing this post our country is in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic.

My kids are at home and somehow homeschool has become our new normal. Stores are closed, social distancing has been implemented as well. The Country is in a very frightful time.

As terrifying as all of this is, and it is, it brings about a sense of gratitude for me. It has left me teaching my kids about food in a whole other way. Coupled with this blog I also have a health blog. Thankfully, I am well versed in Nutrition and food so that is great.

However, during this glim time that we are facing, I don’t want to start feeding my family cans of sugar-filled, chemically induced foods. Buying food and being able to cook it over the fire is outside of my comfort zone. That being said, I am excited about the challenge.

To teach my kids that there are other ways of cooking, spend time around the fire together, show them how to safely start and monitor a fire.


Having an outdoor space that is relaxing and quite naturally gives a sense of peace. With that being the case, the nervous system feels calmer. A calmer nervous system and peaceful state induce creativity and inspiration.

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

How did we live so long without an outdoor fire pit?

Seriously… I now spend all my time stretched out on my outdoor sectional around this fire pit.

It is so relaxing!  I can do my work and stay connected to my much-needed wifi, I can blog or just hang with the family.

Tools and Supplies

  • Large patio stones.
  • Shovel
  • 4×4 wood
  • Firewood
  • Gravel

Steps For How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

Before you begin, decide where you want the firepit to go. Make sure that you choose somewhere safe and that you get a fire permit if you need one where you live.

Clear Where You Want To Put The Firepit

The first thing that I had to do was clear the area where I wanted the firepit to go.

When we moved to this house the back yard was already very nice.

There was a large birdbath set up in the center of a lovely graveled area. I decided to move it and figure out how to build an outdoor fire pit there.

Here is the before picture: I know, it was a tough decision to pull out all those gorgeous hostas but I knew it would be worth it!

We never used this space, I had chairs all around it for a while but it felt awkward gathering around a birdbath… I was able to move the hostas all to new homes around the yard.

how to build a diy firepit

Prepare the Area For Your How To Build and Outdoor Firepit

  1. For my fire pit idea to come to life I had to dig up and carefully replant the hosta plants. Hosta is my favorite plant so I fully intended to find a new home for each one. I was able to separate them carefully and spread them out throughout my front and back yard.

It took me about 4 hours from start to complete the entire project.

2. Once all of the Hostas were relocated I had to deal with the ground underneath. I dug up all the soil and put it into my flower gardens.

3. After that, I placed about 4 inches of gravel in the entire area. The birdbath got a new home in a different garden.

4. I decided that I wanted the actual fire area where the logs would fit to be about 3 feet all the way around. The area already had a built-in square made of 4×4’s. Two 2×4 were simply stacked on top one another to create a nook area for the fire to be contained.

Build Your Outdoor Fire Pit

The previous owners left a pile of 12×12 stone along the back fence. It looked like maybe it was leftover material from a patio area that was done. I lined the square with them which left a 3-foot square center for wood to burn.

I sprinkled some soil within the gravel to create a good base for the wood to burn on.

Here is a picture of what our fire pit looks like now!

fire pit diy

Enjoy Your Fire

Lastly, all you have to do is enjoy it! You won’t regret having put in the work. If you have children I highly recommend that you have them help you. Obviously, safety is your top priority so give them tasks suitable for their age.

My kids absolutely love time around our fire. Of course, like I said the best part for them is the marshmallow aspect but I don’t blame them one bit!

For my husband and I, it is a very romantic space that gives us time to enjoy each other.


Make sure that the first thing you consider when you research how to build an outdoor fire pit, is safety.

The second thing to consider is whether or not you need a fire permit. Check with your local township to see if you are required one for your home location.

After that, you can have so much fun building a fire pit that will work for your area. You certainly do not need a huge space or backyard to have a fire pit.

Our new addition has brought us so much joy! I highly recommend that you build your own DIY fire pit this year.

If you already have your own DIY fire pit, I would love to see it. Please feel free to leave me a comment and even a picture!

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

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