How To Build An Outdoor Sectional

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If I can be outside, I am! I am always telling my hubby that I was born in the wrong country because I love the heat so much. This summer I built an outdoor firepit that is gorgeous but we had nowhere to sit to enjoy it. Which lead me to figure out how to build an outdoor sectional!

The fire pit turned out even better than I expected and we literally spend hours and hours in this space now that we have a sectional to sit on.

diy sectional on deck

Plan and Research

Seeing as I turned my old outdoor table into shutters for my dining room we needed someplace to sit outside. At first, I thought about buying some patio furniture but it is so expensive.

If you are a DIY’er, you have Pinterest. I found out that I could easily build my own furniture. So exciting for this girl! The coolest part was that it was going to be out of 2×4’s.

The biggest issue that I had, in the beginning, was that there were so many amazing pieces on Pinterest and I couldn’t decide! It took me a bit of time to figure out which style would look best in our outdoor space. Did I want chairs, a table, or a sectional?

I decided a sectional would fit the space the best. I do plan on building a couple of chairs as well as a large table but wanted to start with this piece. Be sure yo follow along because I will write a post when I get them done!

Inspiration For Sectional

The sectionals that I liked were all very similar and had similar plans. Typically, I create and build from my own plans but I decided that the plans I found were just perfect!

Eventually, I went with something similar to Ana White’s plans because I love all her stuff and it was what I was looking for. I really like the sectionals that are made solely out of 2×4’s which this one is. Ana does such a great job of laying out her plans with dimensions! She also provides loads of free plans as well as paid plans on her site.

Tools Needed

  • Drill
  • Mitre saw
  • Protective glasses

Basically, all I had to do was cut the 2×4’s to the lengths stated on Ana’s plans and assemble them together like a puzzle.

Making all of the cuts all at one time saves time and makes assembling the outdoor furniture a breeze!

I saw lots of pictures on Pinterest showing how to build this type of sectional so there are lots of similar options. I knew the exact spot outside that I wanted to put it once complete.  That said, I have had it in several places now. It fits in well anywhere!

You really could make this in any size that you need.  There are two pieces to it. One side doesn’t have an arm but you certainly could add the arm and have two separate pieces as well.

Sectional Cushions

I love the natural look of the wood so I didn’t stain the outdoor sectional.  If you wanted to though, it would look amazing I’m sure!

The most expensive part of the whole thing was buying the cushions…

These were the cushions that I narrowed it down to in the store. I ended up going with the aqua!

I ended up finding really nice ones at Lowes and waited for them to go on sale for 30% off at the end of the season.  Even with the discount, they were still expensive. You want to go with the large, thick ones to give you the most comfort.  They really do look good so I am ok with the cost.

One mistake that I made was I put the sectional to close to the fire pit and a spark burnt a tiny hole in one cushion. It is a bummer because you cannot turn the cushion over as the other side is not the same but I learned not to do that…

Outdoor sectional and firepit

To protect the cushions you can purchase an outdoor storage box to keep them in when you aren’t using them or at least when it rains so that they will last a long time.

My kids, unfortunately, jump on my outdoor cushions with dirty feet so they have a few stains but I will find a way to get them out and looking new again. So far this is the best stain remover that I have found.

Benefits of Having An Outdoor Sectional

We have been having fires in our new DIY fire pit nightly since we added this piece and it is so relaxing and beautiful.   One day our plan is to put in an outdoor pool. When we do I want to build another outdoor section to go poolside! I even think I can build some DIY recliners to go by the pool, we will see!

This outdoor sectional fits our whole family and it is really nice because even my hubby can lay down and have a nap on it. You could easily make it longer as well. You could also make it a bit narrower if you choose smaller cushions but honestly, I wouldn’t unless you have a smaller space and have to.

I intend on making one of these for my daughter’s patio and since it is a small space I will have to make a smaller version. I will post that as soon as I am done.

Materials Needed

You can use cedar but it can be expensive so I went with pressure treated. Pick between green or brown pressure treated wood, brown is way more common now and what I recommend. When you pick up the screws, make sure you get the matching brown decking screws.

  • Pressure-treated 2×4
  • Brown 3 1/2 inch decking screws

Time needed: 4 hours.

This outdoor sectional took me about 4 hours to complete so it is an awesome weekend project!

  1. Order or pick up your wood.

    I went with pressure-treated wood. Since Rona is close by that is where I grabbed my wood from. Usually, I look for the best deal but I wanted to get started.

    2x4 for diy sectional idea

  2. Start piecing the sectional together. Start with the arms and then add the top seat sections.

    Add the top 2×4’s to your sectional. You can see in the picture that I used a small cut piece of 2×4 wedged between each 2×4 top piece to give me the same distance each time.

    how to build an outdoor patio sectional

  3. Trim the ends of the 2×4’s to all be equal length. Then pull the 2 pieces together!

    Now the piece started to look like furniture which is a nice feeling!

    how to build an outdoor sectional

  4. Sand

    It would probably be best to sand each piece as you go but I was being lazy and built the entire piece and then sanding the whole thing afterward. Use 60 or 80 grit and a palm sander to sand the piece.

    palm sander for sanding diy sectional

  5. Add Cushions

    I bought mine on sale at Lowes. They are really good quality and extremely large which allows you to lay down and relax! My kids enjoying some outdoor time!kids reading on DIY outdoor sectional


Don’t let furniture building intimidate you, it really is not difficult to build. I think that the fact that I did it myself is the best part. I enjoy telling people all about it when they come over and hope to inspire them that they too can tackle DIY outdoor furniture, including this sectional or one like it.

Take a minute and let me know if you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear your tips as well.

How To Build An Outdoor Sectional

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